Skeleton of female vampire found in Poland

Image Credit: SD Pict

Skeleton of a female vampire found during excavations in a 17th-century Polish graveyard in Poland

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The skeleton of this female vampire has been discovered by the team of Professor Dariusz Poliński

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It can be seen in the picture that a tooth of this skeleton is seen coming out.

The sickle can be seen on the neck of this skeleton so that he cannot get up

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According to a report, in Poland at that time such a burial method was used due to the fear of Pisacho coming back from the grave.

Image Credit: Smithsonian Magazine

It is said that the practice of burial with ritual elements to prevent the dead people from returning from the tomb was going on since Roman times.

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According to Smithsonian Magazine, the Europeans were very afraid of the vampire, so they used to bury the dead with many rituals.

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